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Table 3 Human conserved TPAs that have antisense homology to human full length cDNAs.

From: Assessing the genomic evidence for conserved transcribed pseudogenes under selection

Pseudogene/transcript id ENSEMBL transcript id Antisense identity (%) Alignment length E-value
OTTHUMT00000269970 ENST00000323294 94.92 118 7.00e-46
OTTHUMT00000270027 ENST00000379565 87.59 282 2.00e-70
chr10_Q96RG0.4_- ENST00000315032 83.23 161 1.00e-17 ENST00000344386 96.3 81 3.00e-31
OTTHUMT00000082689 ENST00000343936 91.38 58 2.00e-12