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Table 4 Microarray analysis of selected genes showing differential expression in cepR, cciR or cepRcciIR mutants compared to K56-2.

From: Reciprocal regulation by the CepIR and CciIR quorum sensing systems in Burkholderia cenocepacia

Gene Functiona Change (fold) for K56-R2 (cepR) vs K56-2 Change (fold) for K56-2cciR vs K56-2 Change (fold) for K56-2cepRcciIR vs K56-2
   microarrayb microarrayb microarrayb
BCAL1369 Sigma factor 70 EcfC (FecI) 4.6 NC 3.0
BCAL1370 Iron uptake regulatory protein FecR 2.7 NC 2.1
BCAL1520 Putative lipoprotein -2.1 NC NC
BCAL1528 Flp type pilus assembly protein -2.1 NC NC
BCAL1530 Flp type pilus assembly protein -3.2 NC -2.0
BCAL1531 Flp type pilus assembly protein -2.2 NC NC
BCAL1532 Flp type pilus assembly protein NC NC -2.2
BCAL1533 Putative lipoprotein -2.1 2.3 NC
BCAL1534 Putative exported protein -3.3 2.6 NC
BCAL1368 Probable porin -2.4 2.5 -2.1
BCAL1677 Putative type-1 fimbrial protein -2.3 3.1 NC
BCAL1688 sigma factor 70 EcfI (OrbS) NC -2.5 NC
BCAL1689 MbtH-like protein OrbH NC -2.2 NC
BCAL1690 putative dioxygenase OrbG NC NC 2.5
BCAL1692 iron transport-related membrane protein OrbD NC NC 3.0
BCAL1693 iron transport-related membrane protein OrbF NC NC 2.1
BCAL1694 iron transport-related exported protein OrbB NC NC 2.4
BCAL1696 ornibactin biosynthesis non-ribosomal peptide synthase OrbI NC -2.4 NC
BCAL1697 ornibactin biosynthesis non-ribosomal peptide synthase OrbJ NC NC 2.4
BCAL1698 ornibactin biosynthesis protein OrbK NC -2.8 NC
BCAL1699 L-ornithine 5-monooxygenase PvdA NC -2.8 NC
BCAL1700 ornibactin receptor precursor OrbA NC -2.2 2.2
BCAL1701 ornibactin synthetase OrbF NC NC 2.2
BCAL1702 ornibactin biosynthesis protein OrbL NC NC 2.5
BCAL1722 Putative exported chitinase -2.8 NC NC
BCAL2757 Superoxide dismutase SodB -2.3 NC NC
BCAL3297 Ferretin DPS-family DNA-binding protein -2.8 NC -3.8
BCAL3298 Conserved hypothetical protein -2.1 NC -2.8
BCAL3299 Peroxidase/catablase KatB -2.3 NC -4.0
BCAM0184 Lectin NC 2.0 -2.1
BCAM0186 Lectin BclA -7.5 3.1 -3.2
BCAM0233 ArsR family regulatory protein NC -2.0 NC
BCAM0238 Putative ion transporter NC 2.0 NC
BCAM0239a N-acylhomoserine lactone synthase CciI NC 52.1 NC
BCAM0240 N-acylhomoserine lactone dependent regulatory protein CciR NC 4.0 -23.5
BCAM0949 Exported lipase LipA -3.1 NC NC
BCAM0950 Lipase chaperone LipB -2.5 NC NC
BCAM1869 Conserved hypothetical protein -5.9 NC NC
BCAM1871 Conserved hypothetical protein -37.6 NC -20.2
BCAM2307 Zinc metalloprotease ZmpB -2.3 2.1 -2.4
pBCA055 Putative membrane protein -12.0 2.4 -9.1
  1. aFunction derived from B. cenocepacia J2315 [34].
  2. bChange in 16-h cultures of cepR, cciR or cepRcciIR mutants compared to 16-h cultures of K56-2 as determined by microarray analysis with at least two biological replicates (NC, no change).