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Table 1 Eucalyptus species included in this study with number of populations and number of individuals sampled for each species.

From: Comparative SNP diversity among four Eucalyptus species for genes from secondary metabolite biosynthetic pathways

Species Subspecies Populations Individuals Geographic distributiona
E. globulus   46 511 Tas, S-Vic
E. nitens   28 381 E-Vic, SE-NSW
E. camaldulensis 6 93 456 WA, NT, QLD, SA, NSW, VIC
E. loxophleba 4 29 416 S-WA
  10 196 1764  
  1. a Tas: Tasmania; S-Vic: South Victoria; E-Vic: East Victoria; SE-NSW: South-east New South Wales; WA: Western Australia; NT: Northern Territory; QLD: Queensland; SA: South Australia; NSW: New South Wales; VIC: Victoria; S-WA: South Western Australia