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Table 2 List of regulated transcripts and proteins sharing homologies with proteins involved in signalization and nervous or visual system.

From: Transcriptomic and proteomic analyses of seasonal photoperiodism in the pea aphid

ID Transcript (T) or Protein (P) Gene/protein name Drosophila transcript
or Protein accession
Function Stages and level of regulation
Nervous system
DY229249.1 T Rho1 CG8416 Axon guidance L4G1 (5.1)
CL117Contig1 T Neural Lazarillo CG33126 Axon guidance L2G1 (17.1) - L4G1 (15.4)
CL922Contig1 T Capulet CG5061 Midline axon crossing L4G1 (1.7)
CL903Contig1 T Argonaute 1 CG6671 Neural development and synaptogenesis VAG0 (1.25) - L2G1 (-1.4)
DY230264.1 T Brain tumor protein CG10719 Neural proliferation in larval central brain L2G1 (-1.7)
CL33Contig1 T Calreticulin CG9429 Peripheral nervous system development L2G1 (2.4) - L4G1 (2.5)
CL505Contig1 T Hdd11 O96382 Nervous system development L2G1 (-1.8) - L4G1 (-2.1)
CL1Contig1089 T Wunen CG8804 Cell signalling and axon guidance L4G1 (4.7)
126330868 P G protein-regulated inducer XP_001375758 Neurite outgrowth L2G1 (-1,2)
193613348 P Rho GTPase-activating protein XP_001950332 Neurite growth and axon guidance L2G1 (-1,1)
Visual system and photoreception
CN753062.1 T Canoe CG2534 Ommatidial rotation fly eye L2G1 (1.4) - L4G1 (1.5)
CL3017Contig1 T Black CG7811 Visual signalization L2G1 (-1.7) - L4G1 (-2.3)
CL4099Contig1 T Arrestin 2 CG5962 Phototransduction of rhodopsin L4G1 (1.4)
CL505Contig1 T Inhibitor 2 CG10574 Inibitor of axon targeting in photoreceptor cells L2G1 (5.8) - L4G1 (29.9)
CL1755Contig2 T Ebony CG3331 Transmitter secretion in photoreceptors L4G1 (-2.1)
Ap_SDD3_6A12_SP6 T cPka-1 CG4379 Eye development L2G1 (1.4)
CL94Contig1 T Calnexin CG11958 Rhodopsin maturation L2G1 (1.5) - L4G1 (6.5)
CL5160Contig1 T Dunc-13-4A CG32381 Synaptic vesicle cycle L2G1 (1.3) - L4G1 (1.3)
CL9681Contig1 T Kinesin Dunc 10-4A CG8566 Synaptic vesicle transport L2G1 (-1.3) - L4G1 (-1.3)
CL6069Contig1 T DEP containg domain Q8CIG0 G-protein signalling and dopaminergic L2G1 (-1.4) - L4G1 (-1.6)
CN752364.1 P Kinesin Dunc 10-4A Q8JIX1 Synaptic vesicle transport L4G0 (1,2)
Hormone and circadian rhythm
CL323Contig2 T Insulin-degrading enzyme CG5517 Degradation of insulin L2G1 (1.3) - L4G1 (1.3)
DY230287.1 T Insulin-like receptor Q93105 Receptor of insulin L2G1 (-1.5) - L4G1 (-1.6)
CL425Contig1 T ImpL2 CG15009 Regulation of ecdyzone synthesis L2G1 (-1.5) - L4G1 (-1.5)
CL1091Contig1 T Dreg-5 CG2928 Circadian rhythm L4G1 (2.7)
  1. Regulated transcripts or proteins were divided into 4 categories: nervous system development, neurotransmission, visual system and others. The accession numbers of each contig, EST or GeneID and the accession number of the corresponding D. melanogaster transcripts (CG...) or protein (Q...) are indicated, as well as their putative function and their level of regulation at the corresponding stages.