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Table 1 BAC fingerprinting and FPC assembly statistics

From: A first generation BAC-based physical map of the rainbow trout genome

Number of clones fingerprinted 192,096 ~10.4× genome coverage
Used in FPC assembly 154,439 ~8.3× genome coverage
Average insert size (Kb) 130  
Average number of fragments per clone 76.4  
Estimated average fragment size (Kb) 1.7  
Number of clones in contigs 145,060 ~7.8× genome coverage
Number of contigs 4,173  
Average number of clones per contig 34.76  
Average contig size in consensus bands 284  
Estimated average contig size (Kb) 482  
Number of Q contigs 811 19.4%
Number of Q clones 1,986 1.4%
Number of CB in contigs 1,185,157  
Estimate total length in contigs (Kb) 2,000 70% - 80% genome size