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Table 5 HSP90 proteins identified in Hypsibius dujardini using the Tardigrade analyzer1.

From: Tardigrade workbench: comparing stress-related proteins, sequence-similar and functional protein clusters as well as RNA elements in tardigrades

Hit Predicted function/name (Tardigrade analyzer) Pattern matched Start End
gi:37213462 hsp902 YSNKEIFLRE 68 77
gi:37213713 hsp902 YSNKEIFLRE 70 79
  1. 1These are hits using the pattern hit option and the heat shock protein PROSITE entry PS00298 for pattern generation and recognition. The pattern has the signature of Y-x- [NQHD]- [KHR]- [DE]- [IVA]-F- [LM]-R- [ED]. 2 Predicted similarity to Q7PT10 (HSP83 ANOGA) from Swissprot