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Table 3 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: Characterization of the oxidative stress stimulon and PerR regulon of Campylobacter jejuni

Strain or plasmid Relevant characteristics a Source or reference
E. coli strains   
   DH5α end A1, hsd R17 (rK-, mK-), sup E44, thi-1, rec A1, gyr A, rel A1, Δ(lac ZYAarg F)U169, deo R, [f80dlac Δ(lacZ0 M15] Invitrogen
   E. coli K-12 end A1, hsd R17 (rK12 -, mK12 +), sup E44, th i-1, rec A1, gyr A96, rel A1, lac F' [proA+B+, lacIqZDM 15::Tn 10(tetR)] BD Fusion-blue competent cells
C. jejuni strains   
   NCTC 11168 C. jejuni NCTC 11168 NCTC
   AS230 NCTC 11168Δfur [24]
   AS216 NCTC 11168ΔperR This study
   AS232 NCTC 11168Δfur ΔperR This study
   AS433 NCTC 11168ΔkatA This study
   AS438 NCTC 11168ΔahpC This study
   AS446 NCTC 11168ΔsodB This study
   AS960 NCTC 11168Δfur+fur This study
   AS978 NCTC 11168ΔkatA+katA This study
   AS1016 NCTC 11168ΔahpC+ahpC This study
   AS990 NCTC 11168ΔsodB+sodB This study
   AS1038 NCTC 11168ΔperR+perR This study
   pUC19 Cloning and suicide vector, Ampr Biolabs
   pILL600 Plasmid carrying kan  
   pRR Fragment of rRNA gene cluster cloned into pGEM-T Easy B. Wren
   pRRC cam cassette cloned into pRR B. Wren
   pRRK kan cassette cloned into pRR This study
   pAS214 pUC19 carrying ΔperR::cam This study
   pAS215 pUC19 carrying ΔperR::kan This study
   pAS431 pUC19 carrying ΔkatA::cam This study
   pAS436 pUC19 carrying ΔahpC::kan This study
   pAS445 pUC19 carrying ΔsodB::cam This study
   pAS930 pRRK carrying the fur gene This study
   pAS946 pRRK carrying the katA gene This study
   pAS1010 pRRC carrying the ahpC gene This study
   pAS985 pRRK carrying the sodB gene This study
  1. acam, chloramphenicol resistance gene; Ampr, ampicillin resistant; kan, kanamycin resistance gene.