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Figure 1

From: Infection and genotype remodel the entire soybean transcriptome

Figure 1

Venn diagram showing the intersection between the sub-groups A and F and the whole experiment (W). Sub-group A is the first four blocks and F is the last four blocks of the whole experiment, which includes a total of 24 blocks. GC-RMA preprocessed data of A, F, and W were analyzed separately using the same LMMA model in SAS Proc Mixed. Genes with significant genotype × treatment interaction were determined using a cutoff of a TST-FDR adjusted p ≤ 0.01, as described in the methods. AW indicates the intersection between the A and W, FW the intersection between F and W, and AF the intersection of the two sub-groups A and F. W|(A+F) refers to genes in W but not in A or F, A|W to genes in A but not W, and F|W to genes in F but not W. AF|W refers to genes in A and F but not W; the three genes in this set were not found significant in the other four sub-groups (B, C, D, or E).

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