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Figure 3

From: Regulation of intestinal epithelial cells transcriptome by enteric glial cells: impact on intestinal epithelial barrier functions

Figure 3

Hierarchical clustering of the 116 identified genes expression data. Four individual microarrays were used per condition. Hierarchical clustering was performed on conditions and on the 116 genes identified with Genespring. Each ratio was normalized to the median of the t = 0 hour-condition values of the corresponding gene. Each column represents an individual array (T0: t = 0 hour condition samples; T8control: t = 8 hours of culture without EGC; T8glia: t = 8 hours of culture in presence of EGC; T24control: t = 24 hours of culture without EGC; T24glia: t = 24 hours of culture in presence of EGC). Each line represents one individual gene. The clustering reveals clusters of genes with similar pattern of expression among the different conditions. The cluster also shows the distance between the five conditions demonstrating major changes induced by the culture with EGC at t = 24 hours.

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