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Table 3 Lists of differentially expressed genes involved in functional networks regulated in intestinal epithelial cells by enteric glial cells.

From: Regulation of intestinal epithelial cells transcriptome by enteric glial cells: impact on intestinal epithelial barrier functions

Ingenuity© top functions Genes list Score
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction Cell Morphology Tissue Development CDH1, FN1, ITGAE, KRT8, KRT18, MGLL, NPPB, PKN2, PPARG, PRKCD, PSMC1, PSMC6, PTK2, SAT, SMAD3, TGFBI, VIP 26
Cellular Growth and Proliferation Cancer Gene Expression B4GALT5, BAG1, BNIP3 (includes EG:664), CCR9, DCTN2, EBNA1BP2, HCAP-D3, LSP1, MLLT3, PNRC1, PPIL1, PRC1, RNF4, SAT, SLC30A1, TP53RK 24
Cell Morphology Cellular Development Cardiovascular System Development and Function AASS, ACTG2, BNIP3L, BTG1, CTSH, DYNLT3, EIF4A2, GLRX, MKI67, PLOD2, RNASE4, SLC2A1, SLC7A7, TXNIP 20
Cellular Movement Hematological System Development and Function Immune Response APOBEC3B, ASAH1, C6, FTH1, IL18, IQGAP2, LAMA5, LAMC1, NOL5A, NOP5/NOP58, PLD3, PRKCQ, PRSS23, SCPEP1 20
Cell Death Cancer Gastrointestinal Disease APOH, ASS, BDP1, BTG1, CARD12, CASP4, E2F1, FGFR2, FGG, NOL1, RGL1, SMARCA1, SNX2, TOP2A 20
Cell Cycle Gastrointestinal Disease Developmental Disorder ADD3, ANKRD1, CDK5R1, EPB41L2, GPX2, HNRPDL, HOXB2, IMPDH2, MARK2, PKN2, PLAC8, POLR3F, SFRP4, TUBB3 20
RNA Post-Transcriptional Modification IMP3 2
RNA Post-Transcriptional Modification EIF2A 2
Protein Trafficking Cellular Compromise Auditory and Vestibular System Development and Function TIMM8A 1
RNA Post-Transcriptional Modification RNA Damage and Repair RPP40 1