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Figure 1

From: Comparative proteomic analysis of malformed umbilical cords from somatic cell nuclear transfer-derived piglets: implications for early postnatal death

Figure 1

Morphological and histological analysis of control, scNT-N and scNT-MUC term piglets. A) scNT-MUC exhibited more swelling and severe damage as compared to control and scNT-N. Of particular interest, the tissues of scNT-MUC were extremely fragile as compared to control and scNT-N. B) Hematoxylin and eosin staining of umbilical vein and artery sections from control, scNT-N and scNT-MUC. The veins and arteries of scNT-N exhibited normal development, whereas in scNT-MUC, they were relatively less mature. C) Regions of ILSM and OCSM in scNT-MUC exhibited severe damage. The OCSM was irregular and/or intermittently dense, and the ILSM had unclear boundaries as compared to scNT-N. The ILSM and epithelium (E) of scNT-MUC (right bottom panel) also had more apoptotic cells than scNT-N (left bottom panel). Representative TUNEL assays are shown. D) Western blot analysis of control, scNT-N, and scNT-MUC using anti-PECAM-1 antibodies. β-actin was analyzed as a control.

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