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Figure 2

From: Evolution of genomic sequence inhomogeneity at mid-range scales

Figure 2

Substitution Rates in MRI Regions for Single Nucleotides. For each X MRI region--where X is for A-, T-, G-, or C-rich or poor regions--the X-base composition rate of change is given for all substitutions at different levels of fixation within the human population. The rate of change (S X ) is the ratio of X to nonX substitutions over nonX to X substitutions in those particular X-rich regions. Thus, a ratio of 1 means no change in the X-richness of the region whereas a ratio greater than 1 implies degradation of the X-rich region and less than 1 implies enrichment of the X-rich MRI region. Note that in the control X-average regions the S X -ratio is always inverse to S nonX -ratio (SX = 1/S nonX ). Therefore, only one graph for each SX and S nonX pair is presented. Since there are significant variations in S X -ratios for different X compositions, the graphs are presented in two different scales. The white background presents changes of S X -ratios in the 0.8 to 2 range, while the gray background presents changes in the 0 to 7 range. Vertical bars show the standard error of the means (see Methods section)

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