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Figure 2

From: Comparison of Affymetrix Gene Array with the Exon Array shows potential application for detection of transcript isoform variation

Figure 2

Comparison of Gene Array and Exon Array expression of isoform variants between brain and reference tissues. (A) Schematic of the 3' end of the long and short isoform of ELAVL1, illustrating an alternative polyadenylation site at the UTR. Exons are indicated in orange, introns as dashed lines, and exon probe sets as solid lines. (B) Expression profile of ELAVL1 as measured by both platforms (Gene Array in green, Exon Array in blue), confirming the two isoforms. Exon level log2 fold changes are indicated by the vertical bars and summarized by each exon probe set within the gene as indicated on the horizontal axis in 5' to 3' direction. Gene level log2 fold changes are indicated by horizontal dashed lines across the gene and coloured accordingly to correspond to each platform. Note the discrepancy in estimating gene expression fold changes for ELAVL1. (C) Similarly, an expression profile of MADD, illustrating cassette exons at 3329761, 3329771, and 3329783.

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