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Table 2 Functional categories overrepresented with proteins whose absence renders cells more resistant to NiSO4.

From: A genome-wide deletion mutant screen identifies pathways affected by nickel sulfate in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

MIPS Functional Category p-value In Category from Cluster # Nickel Toxoicity Modulating Total in Category
vacuolar/lysosomal transport [20.09.13] <1e-14 VPS8 BSD2 STP22 VPS64 PEP7 VPS3 VPS29 VPS35 VPS25 SNF7 VTA1 VPS38 VPS36 VPS20 VPS75 VPS27 TLG2 VMA4 VTS1 SNF8 VPS28 BRO1 VPS30 23 153
protein targeting, sorting and translocation [14.04] 2.18e-13 VPS8 SEC66 BSD2 STP22 VPS64 PEP7 VPS3 GOS1 VPS29 PEP8 VPS35 VPS25 SNF7 VPS38 VPS36 VPS75 VPS27 TLG2 RTG1 VPS5 VPS17 SNX3 VTS1 SNF8 VPS28 VPS30 TRE1 27 261
intra Golgi transport [] 2.039e-05 GOS1 PEP8 VPS35 VPS36 VPS27 VPS5 6 33
regulation of C-compound and carbohydrate metabolishm [01.05.25] 7.105e-05 TPS1 REG1 NGG1 SSN2 RTG2 VPS25 SNF7 VPS36 RTG1 SNF8 10 126
vacuole or lysosome[42.25| 0.0001109 KCS1 DOA4 VTC1 VPS29 TLG2 VAM10 6 44
transcription, repression [] 0.0001137 RIM101 VPS25 VPS36 SFL1 SNF8 5 28
chromosome segregation/division [] 0.003745 IML3 CHL4 MCM21 NNF2 CTF19 5 59
vesicular transport (Golgi network, etc.) [20.09.07] 0.008728 PMR1 VPS29 VPS17 VPS30 APL5 5 72