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Table 1 Settings within the cultivation parameters

From: Combinatorial effects of environmental parameters on transcriptional regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A quantitative analysis of a compendium of chemostat-based transcriptome data

Aeration type C-source N-source S-source Limiting element
Aerobic Acetate (Ace) Ammonium chloride ( Methionine (Met) Carbon
Anaerobic Ethanol (Eth) Ammonium sulfate (A.s.) Sulfate Iron (Iro)
  Galactose (Gal) Asparagine (Asp)   Nitrogen
  Glucose Leucine (Leu)   Phosphorus (Pho/Phos)
  Maltose (Mal) Methionine (Met/Meth)   Sulfur (Sul/Sulf)
   Phenylalanine (Phen)   Zinc (Zin)
   Proline (Pro)   
Growth rate Temperature (C) pH Extra compound Protocol
0.03 12 3.5 Acetate (Ace) B
0.05 30 5 Benzoate (Benz) A
0.1   6.5 CO2  
0.2    Ethanol 18.72 mM (Eth)  
    Ethanol 9.38 mM (Eth)  
    Formate (For)  
    Propionate (Pro)  
    Sorbate (Sor)  
    Tween 80 (Twe)  
  1. This table presents the different settings within each of the ten cultivation parameters. Each of the 55 conditions in the chemostat compendium is characterized by a combination of settings of the ten cultivation parameters. The colored matrix in Figure 1 is a schematic representation of the settings of the cultivation parameters for each condition. Abbreviations of cultivation parameter settings used in the schematic representation are stated between parentheses in this table.