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Figure 1

From: Eurotatorian paraphyly: Revisiting phylogenetic relationships based on the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Rotaria rotatoria (Bdelloidea: Rotifera: Syndermata)

Figure 1

Circular representation of the mitochondrial genome of Rotaria rotatoria. All genes are encoded in the same direction and 21 tRNA genes are denoted by the one-letter abbreviation and two leucine and two serine tRNA genes are labeled, according to their anticodon sequence, as L1 (trnL-uag), L2 (trnL-uaa), S1 (trnS-ucu), and S2 (trnS-uga), respectively. The intergenic non-coding regions with notable size (>200 bp) are denoted as NCR1-NCR5, respectively.

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