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Figure 2

From: Eurotatorian paraphyly: Revisiting phylogenetic relationships based on the complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Rotaria rotatoria (Bdelloidea: Rotifera: Syndermata)

Figure 2

Mitochondrial gene tree from Bayesian analysis showing the phylogenetic relationships among 35 metazoan species. The tree topologies from Bayesian analysis and maximum likelihood are very similar. Numbers above/below branches are Bayesian posterior probability (BPP) and local rearrangement-expected likelihood weight (LR-ELW) edge support, and bootstrap (BP) values from maximum likelihood analysis, respectively (BPP/LR-ELW/BP). The branches that are supported with values of ≤50% or not consistent in their positions between Bayesian and maximum likelihood methods are represented by "-".

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