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Table 2 Average between-locus distance for the different loci

From: Horizontal gene transfer and diverse functional constrains within a common replication-partitioning system in Alphaproteobacteria: the repABC operon

Locus Average distance+ P. Invariant sites Shape parameter α
repA 0.72530 0.194 1.176
repB 1.13479 0.089 1.661
Intergenic region 0.45827 0.0 0.47
repC 0.59197 0.186 1.108
  1. The average distance over all possible sequence pairs for each locus, along with the specifications made by jModelTest regarding the substitution model.
  2. +Average distance over all possible pairs of sequences.
  3. All the loci but the "Intergenic region" selected the GTR model with correction for across site rate variation and invariant sites (GTR+I+G). The "Intergenic region" selected *TPM2 with correction for across site rate variation (TPM2+G).
  4. *This model implies AC = AT; CG = GT; AG = CT;