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Table 2 List of the important KEGG pathways more than 3 differentially expressed genes affiliated

From: Comparative transcripts profiling reveals new insight into molecular processes regulating lycopene accumulation in a sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) red-flesh mutant

KEGGapathway Genes b Gene ID Best E-value
Apoptosis 5 CN183092, TC22936, TC25357, TC3430, TC81 4.00E-025
Biosynthesis of steroids 5 EY708186, EY737600, TC13179, TC14003, TC8568 1.00E-145
Calcium signaling pathway 4 TC10446, TC2776, TC6871, TC41 1.00E-021
Carotenoid biosynthesis-General 4 TC14843, TC17929, TC5, TC5834 0
Cell cycle 4 TC410, TC15757, TC25101, TC5900 1.00E-030
Citrate cycle (TCA cycle) 3 EY670548, TC22243, TC623 1.00E-166
Cysteine metabolism 4 CF835920, DN620599, TC12093, TC5490 1.00E-073
Diterpenoid biosynthesis 4 TC14843, TC17929, TC22276, TC23691 8.00E-043
Fatty acid biosynthesis 7 CX074436, EY700768, CV713900, EY748567, TC10790, TC13490, TC9950 1.00E-133
Flavonoid biosynthesis 4 BQ622999, TC18809, TC23691, TC24546 1.00E-063
Folate biosynthesis 3 TC13190, TC25006, TC9636 1.00E-105
Fructose and mannose metabolism 3 TC3179, TC599, TC8180 1.00E-144
Glycerophospholipid metabolism 3 CX676461, TC13437, TC1366 3.00E-042
Glycolysis/Gluconeogenesis 5 TC10790, TC13490, TC5567, TC599, TC4947 1.00E-144
Limonene and pinene degradation 4 TC12405, TC14251, TC15293, TC20473 1.00E-125
MAPK signaling pathway 4 TC10975, TC11537, TC14581, TC23673 7.00E-075
Metabolism by cytochrome P450 3 TC16950, TC25526, TC25649 2.00E-052
Nicotinate and nicotinamide metabolism 4 DN620930, TC12023, TC19292, TC23834 2.00E-063
Oxidative phosphorylation 12 CX047553, DN621543, EY666061, TC10047, TC11705, TC16046, TC165, TC2473, TC2776, TC367, TC9593, TC9609 0
Photosynthesis 5 DY305711, EY675075, TC15280, TC17840, TC225 1.00E-124
Proteasome 3 TC5683, TC15808, TC4307 1.00E-134
Protein export 3 EY655396, EY667540, TC3601 3.00E-085
Pyruvate metabolism 8 928, CV713900, EY670548, TC13490, TC13985, TC2886, TC4947, TC623 1.00E-166
Ribosome 11 EY678532, EY755319, EY756332, TC13063, TC17838, TC18427, TC20162, TC21064, TC25973, TC7029, TC8912 8.00E-095
Starch and sucrose metabolism 4 TC12327, TC6279, TC7121, TC7710 0
Ubiquitin mediated proteolysis 12 EY692161, EY720797, TC11061, TC11537, TC11678, TC11708, TC11720, TC15530, TC18081, TC24614, TC458, TC8922 1.00E-116
  1. aKEGG = Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.
  2. bThe differentially expressed genes are significant at 0.05 level between the mutant and wild type