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Figure 7

From: Expression profiling of rainbow trout testis development identifies evolutionary conserved genes involved in spermatogenesis

Figure 7

Focus on candidate genes for spermatogenesis regulation. Genes corresponding to GeneOntology terms "transcription factor activity" (GO:0003700) and "growth factor activity" (GO:0008083), "growth factor binding" (GO:0019838) or "extracellular space" (GO:0005615) were extracted from the somatic expression clusters previously identified. Genes are displayed according to 4 somatic expression clusters (A-D) and their corresponding gene names are given. Roman numerals (I-VIII) indicate trout developmental stages. Sg = spermatogonia; Sc = spermatocytes; St = spermatids. Log-2 transformed signal intensities are shown according to the scale bar.

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