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Figure 2

From: Novel motifs distinguish multiple homologues of Polycomb in vertebrates: expansion and diversification of the epigenetic toolkit

Figure 2

Conserved regions of PC homologues. The conserved regions are mapped to the scale in fly and human homologues. Each novel motif identified is named based on the name of the homologue and the order it occurs in the protein. SRR-serine rich region; CIPC-Conserved region of insects PC; PcR box - Polycomb Repressor box; ATHL - AT-Hook Like, a conserved motif present in CBX4, CBX6, CBX7 and CBX8; Cx2.1 and Cx2.2 - Conserved Region (CR) of CBX2; Cx4.1, Cx4.2, Cx4.3 and Cx4.4 - CR of CBX4; Cx6.1, Cx6.2 and Cx6.3 - CR of CBX6; Cx8.1 - CR of CBX8.

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