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Table 4 Alignment statistics of 454 unigene transcriptome catalogs and VvGI 6.0 TCs with an oligo

From: Combining next-generation pyrosequencing with microarray for large scale expression analysis in non-model species

Sequences with oligonucleotide probe designed 17,843 29,393 32,771
Gene loci matches    
   - Within exons 10,798 14,176 15,552
   - Within introns 808 939 775
   - 500 bp downstream 373 359 82
VvGI 6.0 matched by sequences mapping to unannotated genome regions 2,159 2,663 2,989
Putative new genes (sequences mapping to unannotated genome only) 1,468 3,709 -
Total number of grape transcripts identified 15,606 21,846 19,398
  1. 454 unigene transcriptome catalogs with a designed oligo and VvGI 6.0 TCs with an oligo were aligned to known gene loci, unannotated genomic regions and ESTs. Number of gene loci, ESTs and putative novel genes, identified by all sequences mapping to grape genome in the three different libraries considered (non-normalized (NN), normalized (N), and TCs comprised in VvGI) are given.