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Table 2 GC content of the transcriptome and within P450s and UGTs in Z. filipendulae, B. mori, D. melanogaster, and Heliconius species.

From: 454 pyrosequencing based transcriptome analysis of Zygaena filipendulae with focus on genes involved in biosynthesis of cyanogenic glucosides

  Z. filipendulae B. mori D. melanogaster Heliconius species
  GC ENC No. GC ENC No. GC ENC No.  
Transcriptome 39%    48%    54%    43%
P450 43% 56 12 43% 55 70 51% 51 81  
UGT 40% 55 3 42% 56 5 48% 56 7  
Average of groups 42% 56 15 43% 56 75 50% 54 88  
  1. The number of sequences used for the individual analyses are shown in column labeled "No.". Heliconius does not offer calculations on individual gene families due to the availability of too few sequences. The GC content calculated for the D. melanogaster, B. mori, and A. mellifera transcriptomes are based on all coding sequences deposited in Genbank, while the GC content of the Z. filipendulae transcriptome is based on 29.857 contigs. The GC content of the Heliconius transcriptome is derived from 1.627 contigs.