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Table 1 Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici ESTs with significant homologies to fungal pathogenicity/virulence factors

From: Identification of expressed genes during compatible interaction between stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis) and wheat using a cDNA library

User ID Accession No. Copies Length Putative function and Species E-value
WRIC_312 GR302696 2 951 rust transferred protein (Uromyces striatus) 6.00E-27
WRIC_322 GR302706 9 978 differentiation-related protein Infp (Uromyces appendiculatus) 1.00E-14
WRIC_348 GR302732 10 785 PIG28 (Uromyces fabae) 2.00E-53
WRIC_365 GR302749 2 633 alcohol dehydrogenase (Puccinia triticina) 6.00E-70
WRIC_406 GR302790 2 750 chitin deacetylase (Flammulina velutipes) 1.00E-111
WRIC_495 GR304563 7 1333 elongation factor (Puccinia graminis) 0.00E+00
WRIS_1741 GR303261 1 666 CAP1 (Cryptococcus gattii) 1.00E-36
WRIS_1608 GR303211 1 604 THI2p (Uromyces viciae-fabae) 8.00E-75
WRIS_1773 GR303275 1 739 actin (Puccinia graminis) 1.00E-114
WRIS_4517 GR304357 1 347 ATP-binding cassette transporter ABC2 (Venturia inaequalis) 2.00E-30
WRIS_1781 GR303282 1 643 actin (Puccinia graminis) 1.00E-51
WRIS_2031 GR303386 1 751 chitinase (Puccinia triticina) 2.00E-25
WRIS_316 GR303865 1 619 PIG1 (Uromyces fabae) 0.00E+00
WRIS_3246 GR303896 1 695 hypothetical class II chitin synthase (Puccinia graminis) 9.00E-29
WRIS_3511 GR304003 1 790 chitinase (Puccinia triticina) 4.00E-19
WRIS_4318 GR304280 1 524 HSS1 (Puccinia graminis) 0.00E+00
WRIS_574 GR304877 1 574 alcohol dehydrogenase (Puccinia triticina) 7.00E-82
WRIS_4003 GR304167 1 699 Ras2 (C. neoformans) 1.00E-74
WRIS_3617 GR304047 1 597 ABC transporter (Candida albicans) 2.00E-27