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Table 1 Gene order conservation of HNS repressed genes not predicted to be HTGs is associated to their GC content.

From: Gene socialization: gene order, GC content and gene silencing in Salmonella

Gene order status Number of Genes (%) Average %GC content (sd)
GCO 93 (40.6) 51.2 (4.8)
nGCO 54 (23.6) 47.6 (5.3)
No E. coli K12 homolog 82 (35.8) 45.4 (6.7)
  1. We illustrate features of the subset of 229 HNS repressed genes predicted not to be HTGs (HNSnonHTGs). More specifically, the distribution of HNSnonHGTs genes in the three categories depending on gene order conservation largely deviates from the overall genome representation. GCO genes are still underrepresented but significantly increased compared to predicted HTGs (see additional file 10). However, we observe the same characteristic decrease in the average GC content between these gene sets with the overall genome (c.f. Fig. 1B) (KruskalWallis chisquared = 37.8234, df = 2, Pvalue < 6.12e09).