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Table 2 Biofilm-regulated proteins that show similar trends in proteomic and transcriptomic analysis.

From: The transcriptional programme of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium reveals a key role for tryptophan metabolism in biofilms

Proteina Function Average fold expression in the biofilm compared to planktonic (n = 2)
DppA ABC superfamily dipeptide transport protein + 10.7
TreA Periplasmic trehalase Unique to biofilm
GalE UDP-galactose-4-epimerase + 2.9
YggE Putative periplasmic immunogenic protein + 3.7
YciF Putative cytoplasmic protein Unique to biofilm
YajQ Putative cytoplasmic protein Unique to biofilm
FlgL Flagella hook-filament junction protein (HAP3) + 44.0
IadA Putative isoaspartyl dipeptidase Unique to planktonic
FliD Flagellar filament cap protein (HAP2) Unique to biofilm
FlgK Flagellar hook-filament junction protein (HAP1) + 3.3
AnsB Periplasmic L-asparaginase II protein + 2.9
ArgT ABC superfamily; lysine/arginine/orthinine tranport protein + 4.9
  1. a. Proteins identified by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and peptide mass fingerprinting (Mascot). Proteins up-regulated in the biofilm that show the same pattern of expression at the transcriptional level (Additional files 2 and 3).