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Table 4 ArcA/FeHm regulated operons in H. influenzae

From: The iron/heme regulated genes of Haemophilus influenzae: comparative transcriptional profiling as a tool to define the species core modulon

   Fold Changec
Genea Descriptionb NTHi R2866 Hib 10810 Hi Rd KW20
Down regulated Δ arcA
HI0590 potE -12.75 -5.99 -3.20
HI0591 speF -11.40 -13.78 -3.82
HI0592 Conserved hypothetical protein ns ns ns
HI1349 DPS-Ferritin -4.12 -3.70 -1.54
Up regulated Δ arcA
HI0007 Formate dehydrogenase beta subunit fdxH 7.49 6.00 3.40
HI0008 Formate dehydrogenase gamma subunit fdxI 7.47 5.23 3.20
HI0009 FdhE 3.35 3.43 1.88
HI0018 Uracil DNA glycosylase ung ns ns ns
HI0026 Lipoate biosynthesis protein A lipA 3.19 2.00 ns
HI0174 tRNA methyltransferase 2.36 2.08 1.93
HI0608 Conserved hypothetical protein ns -1.54 -1.49
HI0747 NADH dehydrogenase ndh ns ns ns
HI0889 Serine methylase glyA 1.83 1.68 -1.09
HI0890 Dephospho CoA kinase coaE 2.50 3.48 ns
HI1218 L-lactate permease lldP 4.67 3.58 ns
HI1444 5,10 methlyenetetrahydrofolate reductase metF 5.19 3.47 ns
HI1661 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E2 sucB 1.56 1.17 -1.18
HI1662 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 sucA ns ns -1.18
HI1727 Argininosuccinate synthetase argG -2.28 ns ns
HI1728 Conserved hypothetical protein ns 1.59 ns
HI1730 Conserved hypothetical protein ns 1.53 ns
HI1731 Conserved hypothetical protein ns 2.35 ns
HI1739 L-lactate dehydrogenase lldD 1.55 1.63 ns
  1. a. Gene locus. For genes with homologues in Rd KW20 the corresponding Rd KW20 gene locus is given.
  2. b. Name and description of the gene, where known, based on annotation
  3. c. Fold change determined from the microarray data. ns, Non significant