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Table 3 Transcription and chromatin-related genes with extreme changes in nucleosome enrichment, highest in trophozoites.

From: Genome-wide nucleosome mapping of Plasmodium falciparum reveals histone-rich coding and histone-poor intergenic regions and chromatin remodeling of core and subtelomeric genes

Gene Description H4 Change
PFL0145c high mobility group protein 1.34
PF10_0217 pre-mRNA splicing factor, putative 1.22
MAL7P1.78 Transcription factor IIA, alpha/beta subunit 1.03
PF11_0266 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein D1, putative 1.00
PF08_0074 DNA/RNA-binding protein Alba, putative 0.99
PFI1835c Nifu-like protein, putative 0.98
PF14_0411 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein, putative 0.95
PF14_0242 arginine n-methyltransferase, putative 0.94
PF10_0227 HORMA domain protein, putative 0.93
PFF0565c EF-hand domain hypothetical protein, conserved 0.87
PFF0760w RNA and export factor binding protein, putative 0.87
PFC1050w tudor domain conserved Plasmodium protein 0.86
PF07_0057 transcription elongation factor s-ii, putative 0.83
MAL8P1.72 high mobility group protein 0.82
PFD0685c chromosome associated protein, putative 0.78
PF14_0533 transcription factor with AP2 domain(s) 0.75
PFL1705w RNA binding protein, putative 0.74
PF10_0232 Chromodomain-helicase-DNA-binding protein 1 0.72
PFD0795w Histone acetyltransferase, putative 0.69
PF13_0318 RNA-binding protein, putative 0.69
PFC0610c zinc finger protein, putative 0.68
PFD0985w transcription factor with AP2 domain(s) 0.66
MAL7P1.157a RNA binding protein, putative 0.63
PFE0520c topoisomerase I 0.63
PFC0130c RNA binding protein, conserved 0.62
PF10_0214 RNA binding protein, putative 0.62
PFL1085w transcription factor with AP2 domain(s) 0.46
  1. H4 change is the Δlog2 ratio (H4 ChIP/gDNA) over three time points.