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Table 2 The effect of repeat unit size on microsatellite heterozygosity

From: Sequence determinants of human microsatellite variability

  1 STR region 2 STR regions
  Di Tri Tetra Di Tri Tetra
Number of loci 30 133 325 10 15 97
Mean H e 0.779 0.749 0.739 0.789 0.721 0.772
Di   0.027 0.002   0.041 0.246
Tri    0.046    0.064
  1. P values are shown for two-sided Wilcoxon rank-sum tests for differences in heterozygosity (H e ) between microsatellites with different repeat unit sizes. Loci are grouped by whether they had one or two separate STR regions. No comparisons were made for loci with three separate STR regions because of small sample size for di-nucleotide and tri-nucleotide loci (3 and 2, respectively). Tests with P < 0.05 are highlighted in bold.