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Table 4 Amino acid groups used in positive selection detection

From: Molecular evolution of the hyperthermophilic archaea of the Pyrococcus genus: analysis of adaptation to different environmental conditions

Normalized van der Waals volume [83]
Tiny [0; 1.6] G, A, S
Small [2.43; 3] C, T, P, D, N, V
Medium [3.78; 4.77] E, Q, I, L, M, H, K
Large [5.89; 8.08] F, R, Y, W
Hydropathy index [84]
I [-4.5; -3.2] R, K, N, D, Q, E, H
II [-1.6; -0.4] P, Y, W, S, T, G
III [1.8; 2.8] A, M, C, F
IV [3.8; 4.5] L, V, I
Isoelectric point [85]
I [2.77; 3.22] D, E
II [5.05; 6.3] A, N, C, Q, G, I, L, M, F, P, S, T, W, Y, V
III [7.59; 10.76] R, H, K
Hydrostatic pressure asymmetry index, PAI [14] & Hydrophobic parameter [86]
I K, E, D, R, S, G
II Q, C, T, N, H, A, P, M, I, F, L, V
Polarity [87] & Hydrophobic parameter [86]
I R, K, E, D
II S, Q, N, G, H, P, T, A
III C, M, V, Y, I, L, F, W
Polarity & Volume [87]
I A, G, P, S, T
II N, D, Q, E
IV I, L, M, V, C
V F, W, Y
Polarity [87] & Hydropathy index [84]
I W, Y
II P, T, G, S, A
III I, L, V, F, C, M
IV H, Q, K, R, N, E, D