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Table 2 Listing of ESTs differentially expressed during desiccation of Plectus murrayi and their homologs in GenBank.

From: Desiccation survival in an Antarctic nematode: molecular analysis using expressed sequenced tags

Clone ID GenBank accession number Homolog accession Annotation (Organism) number E-value Percentage similarity
Metabolism ɠ (22)
SH_Pa.AA.01 FK670236 ref|NP_496237.1| GPD family member [Caenorhabditis elegans] 1e-40 86%
SH_Pa.AB.02 FK670237 ref|NP_498081.2| ALDH family member [C. elegans] 2e-80 74%
SH_Pa.AF.06 FK670241 gb|AAF81283.1| Glutathione S-transferase [Haemonchus contortus] 3e-51 49%
SH_Pa.AH.08 FK670243 ref|NP_496161.1| Lipid Transfer protein family member [C. elegans] 6e-42 72%
SH_Pa.AI.09 FK670244 gb|AAC47996.1| Aspartyl protease protein 6 [C. elegans] 2e-51 53%
SH_Pa.EA.014 FK670249 WBGene00002263 Plant LEA related family member [C. elegans] 1e-33 28%
SH_Pa.FA.015 FK670250 gb|EDP32297.1| TPS6 protein 1 [Brugia malayi] 1e-55 51%
SH_Pa.IA.018 FK670253 gb|EDP36623.1| FBA1, putative [B. malayi] 1e-73 84%
SH_Pa.BD.021 FK670254 gb|AAC97508.1| Thymidylate synthase [C. elegans] 1e-28 62%
SH_PA_Ssh.056 FK670287 WBGene00006975 Zinc finger protein family member [C. elegans] 2e-28 53%
SH_Pa.BH.025 FK670258 ref|NP_494721.1| Probable glycerol kinase [C. elegans] 4e-62 71%
SH_Pa.BI.026 FK670259 ref|NP_001006395.1| MDH1, NAD (soluble) [Gallus gallus] 1e-71 68%
SH_Pa.CC.027 FK670260 ref|ZP_00056387.1| IDH [Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum] 4e-86 73%
PA_Sh_Ab.062 FK670293 ref|NP_498111.2| ATP synthase subunit family member [C. elegans] 8e-110 93%
SH_Pa.CD.019 FK670261 gb|EDP37408.1| NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase [B. malayi] 2e-57 60%
SH_Pa.CH.031 FK670264 ref|NP_496736.1| Glycogen synthase family member [C. elegans] 1e-35 50%
SH_Pa.CI.032 FK670265 emb|CAA53718.1| ADP/ATP translocase [C. elegans] 6e-93 90%
SH_Pa.DG.038 FK670269 ref|NP_503306.1| Bi-functional glyoxylate cycle protein [C. elegans] 4e-95 90%
SH_Pa.DH.039 FK670270 gb|AAC19750.1| Putative glutamate dehydrogenase [H. contortus] 9e-111 88%
SH_Pa.DH.030 FK670263 gb|AAC97508.1| Thymidylate synthase [C. elegans] 1e-26 49%
SH_Pa.AA.036 FK670268 WBGene00009165 Glutathione peroxidase [C. elegans] 3e-63 79%
PA_Sh_bb.067 FK670298 ref|NP_498111.2| ATP synthase sub unit family member [C. elegans] 8e-110 93%
Environmental information processing (15)
SH_Pa.AC.03 FK670238 gb|AAM55195.1| Cathepsin L cysteine protease [H. contortus] 2e-81 77%
SH_Pa.AD.04 FK670239 ref|NP_508913.1| JNK kinase family member jkk-1 [C. elegans] 2e-06 41%
SH_Pa.AE.05 FK670240 WBGene00004930 Superoxide dismutase family member [C.elegans] 4e-80 81%
SH_Pa.AG.07 FK670242 gb|ABA41369.1| Type II antifreeze protein [Clupea harengus] 2e-35 69%
SH_Pa.AA.010 FK670245 gb|AAN78300.1| Heat shock protein 70 A [Heterodera glycines] 2e-59 89%
SH_Pa.DA.013 FK670248 ref|NP_495536.1| Small heat shock protein family member [C. elegans] 2e-115 90%
SH_Pa.GA.016 FK670251 ref|NP_496549.1| RAB family member [C. elegans] 7e-103 88%
SH_Pa.HA.017 FK670252 gb|EDP28446.1| Ras-related protein Rab-11B, putative [B. malayi] 1e-53 77%
SH_Pa.BF.023 FK670256 ref|NP_509019.1| Heat shock protein family member [C. elegans] 8e-78 91%
SH_Pa.BG.024 FK670257 gb|AAD00182.1| Inhibitor of apoptosis homolog [C. elegans] 5e-53 52%
SH_Pa.CF.029 FK670262 gb|EDP35652.1| Heat shock protein 90 protein [B. malayi] 8e-59 53%
SH_Pa.DD.034 FK670266 ref|NP_499889.2| DumPY: shorter than wild-type [C.elegans] 7e-47 63%
PA_Sh_Ab.063 FK670294 gb|AAO44907.1| Collagen protein 170 [C. elegans] 4e-30 62%
PA_Sh_Ib.070 FK670300 gb|EDP30373.1| Leucine rich repeat family protein [B. malayi] 3e-27 40%
PA_Sh_bB.072 FK670302 gb|EDP31428.1| Laminin receptor 1 [Xenopus laevis] 1e-73 71%
Genetic information processing (23)
SH_Pa.BA.011 FK670246 gb|AAG50205.1| AP inhibitor [Parelaphostrongylus tenuis] 7e-41 62%
SH_Pa.CA.012 FK670247 emb|CAJ57642.1| Putative E2 enzyme [Oesophagostomum dentatum] 2e-74 97%
SH_Pa.DE.035 FK670267 gb|EDP39185.1| Histone H2B 2, putative [B. malayi] 3e-33 94%
PA_Sh_Cb.064 FK670295 gb|AAT28331.1| Peroxiredoxin [H. contortus] 5e-89 83%
PA_Sh_bH.078 FK670308 ref|NP_956267.1| Ubiquitin specific protease 14 [D. rerio] 5e-40 44%
SH_Pa.DI.040 FK670271 ref|NP_491416.1| Ribosomal protein, LSU family member [C. elegans] 7e-104 85%
SH_Pa.EE.041 FK670272 ref|NP_502794.1| Ribosomal protein, SSU family member [C. elegans] 8e-73 94%
SH_Pa.EF.042 FK670273 ref|NP_502794.1| Ribosomal protein, SSU family member [C. elegans] 3e-67 81%
SH_Pa.EG.043 FK670274 ref|NP_501167.1| Ribosomal protein, SSU family member [C. elegans] 9e-85 84%
PA_Sh_EH.044 FK670275 ref|NP_741371.2| Ribosomal protein, LSU family member [C. elegans] 5e-57 77%
PA_Sh_EI.045 FK670276 ref|NP_498660.1| Ribosomal protein, LSU family member [C. elegans] 1e-67 88%
PA_Sh_Ab.046 FK670277 ref|NP_740944.1| Ribosomal protein, SSU family member [C. elegans] 2e-40 82%
PA_Sh_Bb.047 FK670278 ref|NP_496375.1| Ribosomal protein, LSU family member [C. elegans] 9e-51 97%
PA_Sh_Cb.048 FK670279 gb|EDP38710.1| 60S ribosomal protein L27a, putative [B. malayi] 5e-54 83%
PA_Sh_Db.049 FK670280 gb|EDP38220.1| 60S ribosomal protein L39, putative [B. malayi] 9e-21 94%
PA_Sh_Lb.057 FK670288 gb|EDP29175.1| 40S ribosomal protein S6, putative [B. malayi] 1e-25 86%
PA_Sh_Eb.050 FK670281 ref|NP_492457.1| EF family member [C. elegans] 2e-66 89%
PA_Sh_Fb.051 FK670282 gb|EDP34276.1| EF1-alpha, putative [B. malayi] 1e-117 88%
PA_Sh_Gb.052 FK670283 ref|NP_492457.1| EF family member [C. elegans] 2e-66 89%
PA_Sh_Hb.053 FK670284 ref|NP_524808.2| EF1 beta, isoform A [Drosophila melanogaster] 5e-45 68%
PA_Sh_Ib.054 FK670285 ref|NP_498520.1| EF family member [C. elegans] 4e-100 89%
SH_Pa.BE.022 FK670255 WBGene00003623 NHR family member [C. elegans] 2e-06 38%
PA_Sh_Mb.058 FK670289 gb|EDP33960.1| Transcription factor, putative [B. malayi] 9e-16 87%
Hypothetical proteins (3)
PA_Sh_Jb.055 FK670286 ref|XP_001666153.1| Hypothetical protein [C. briggsae] 4e-41 78%
PA_Sh_Ob.060 FK670291 ref|XP_001676045.1| Hypothetical protein [C. briggsae] 3e-32 55%
PA_Sh_bC.073 FK670303 ref|XP_001631386.1| Predicted protein [X. laevis] 2e-34 42%
Novel proteins (17)
PA_Sh_Nb.059 FK670290 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_Pb.061 FK670292 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_Db.065 FK670296 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_Eb.066 FK670297 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_Gb.068 FK670299 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bA.071 FK670301 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bD.074 FK670304 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bE.075 FK670305 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bF.076 FK670306 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bG.077 FK670307 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bI.079 FK670309 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bA.080 FK670310 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bC.028 FK670311 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bD.020 FK670312 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bF.033 FK670313 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bG.037 FK670314 n.a Novel n.a.  
PA_Sh_bG.069 FK670315 n.a Novel n.a.  
  1. ɠPathway assignment based on Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) classification.