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Figure 2

From: Three LIF-dependent signatures and gene clusters with atypical expression profiles, identified by transcriptome studies in mouse ES cells and early derivatives

Figure 2

Summary of pair-wise comparisons. A) LIF-induced (Lifind) or repressed (Lifrep) genes, in pluripotent cells (samples 1 and 2) or after 24 h (samples 3 and 4) or 48 h (samples 5 and 6) of LIF withdrawal, B) Pluri. genes and C) Markers from reversibly and irreversibly committed cells, were retrieved by pair-wise comparisons after a student t-test analysis with the p-value and fold change cut off as indicated for each Table, see Additional file 1. Each thick line indicated the condition for which the number of genes has been filtered, after t-test analysis, versus the other condition. Pluri: Pluripotent; Reversible commitment; Irrev. com.: Irreversible commitment.

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