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Figure 5

From: Three LIF-dependent signatures and gene clusters with atypical expression profiles, identified by transcriptome studies in mouse ES cells and early derivatives

Figure 5

In silico analyses of Lifind genes in various microarray experiments. Tree view representation of Heatmapper analyses of Lifind genes retrieved from Table 1 and analysed with Affymetrix data from reversibly (rev.) and irreversibly (irrev.) committed cell populations A), and in a kinetic of LIF withdrawal [day 1 (d1) to day 10 (d10) in EBs], B). The validation of the expression of LIF cytokine and of its composite receptor (gp130 and gp190), performed by RT-qPCR on three independent experiments, is shown as histograms with standard deviations in C). The asterisks point to genes not reinduced by LIF in differentiated cells (d10 EBs).

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