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Table 2 Human PHOX2B elements conserved to zebrafish phox2b locus demonstrate activity consistent with orthologous zebrafish sequences.

From: Asymmetrical distribution of non-conserved regulatory sequences at PHOX2B is reflected at the ENCODE loci and illuminates a possible genome-wide trend

Human Amplicon Expression
Zebrafish Amplicon Expression
Coincident Control
PHOX2B-HCS+0.6* Fb, CG phox2b-ZCS +0.5 Hb, SC No
PHOX2B-HCS -0.0 VDi, Hb phox2b-ZCS +0.0 Hb, SC Yes
PHOX2B-HCS -2.9* Fb, Hb phox2b-ZCS -1.4 Mb, Hb, SC Yes
PHOX2B-HCS -73.5 OT, CG, Hb phox2b-ZCS -8.3 Mb, Hb, CG Yes
PHOX2B-HCS -108.3 Fb, Hb phox2b-ZCS -16.6 Mb, Hb Yes
PHOX2B-HCS-114.8 Fb, Hb, SC phox2b-ZCS-20.1 Hb Yes
PHOX2B-HCS -116.7 CG phox2b-ZCS -23.7 Hb, SC, ENS No
PHOX2B-HCS -130.4 ENS phox2b-ZCS -23.7 Hb, SC, ENS Yes
  1. HCS expression is pattern driven by human amplicon in G0 zebrafish embryos (* indicates G1 expression pattern). ZCS expression is pattern driven by orthologous zebrafish amplicon in G1 zebrafish embryos [29]. Overlap is categorized as Yes, tissue overlap in expression patterns, but additional tissues seen; No, no overlap in expression. Fb, Forebrain; OT, Oculomotor and trochlear motor Progenitors; VDi, Ventral diencephalon; Hb, Hindbrain; CG, Cranial ganglia,; SC, Spinal cord ENS, Enteric nervous system.