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Table 2 Presence of significant motif interactions in the three fly promoter classes

From: Complex organizational structure of the genome revealed by genome-wide analysis of single and alternative promoters in Drosophila melanogaster

  Occurrence percentagea p valueb
Motif interaction UPs FAPs DAPs UPs vs. FAPs UPs vs. DAPs FAPs vs. DAPs
TATA_INR/DMp1_DMp2 1.03 0.36 0.07 ns 1.57e-09 ns
INR_GAGA/DMp2_NDM1 0.28 0.82 0.91 1.43e-03 1.92e-05 ns
INR_NDM2/DMp2_NDM2 0.56 1.13 1.65 ns 5.84e-08 ns
DMv1_DRE/DMv1_NDM4 0.25 0.87 0.18 1.20e-04 ns 6.83e-04
DMv3_DRE/DMv3_NDM4 1.30 2.10 0.56 ns 5.66e-04 1.98e-06
DRE_E-box/NDM4_NDM5 0.97 0.77 0 ns 2.95e-11 1.33e-06
  1. apercentage of the promoters in a class having the specific motif interaction.
  2. bcalculated using Fisher's exact test. Holm's method was used for multiple hypothesis testing. ns, not significant.