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Table 1 First Ten Diseases ordered by the number of gene annotations

From: Annotating the human genome with Disease Ontology

DOID Description Number of Genes
DOID:162 Cancer 943
DOID:462 Malignant Neoplasms 903
DOID:4241 Malignant neoplasm of breast 698
DOID:4766 Embryoma 620
DOID:10283 Malignant neoplasm of prostate 543
DOID:2619 Neoplasm Metastasis 386
DOID:9352 Diabetes Mellitus, Non-Insulin-Dependent 329
DOID:684 Primary carcinoma of the liver cells 326
DOID:7148 Rheumatoid Arthritis 320
DOID:1994 Carcinoma of the Large Intestine 313