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Table 5 Body sites and corresponding expressed chicken aquaporins that could be used as models for understanding mammalian aquaporins

From: Integrative sequence and tissue expression profiling of chicken and mammalian aquaporins

Aquaporin Type Chicken UniGene ID Body Site
AQP0 Gga.67 Head
AQP1 Gga.2680 Brain, Connective Tissue, Head, Heart, Liver, Muscle, Ovary, Spleen
AQP3 Gga.23800 Head, Liver, Ovary
AQP4 Gga.11374 Brain, Muscle
AQP5 Gga.6412 Pancreas
AQP7 Gga.21944 Testis
AQP9 Gga.12485 Heart, Liver, Muscle
AQP11 Gga.8876 Brain, Liver, Muscle, Small Intestine
AQP12 Gga.19694 Pancreas