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Table 3 Four TTSs overlapped with mir-483 precursor

From: TTS Mapping: integrative WEB tool for analysis of triplex formation target DNA Sequences, G-quadruplets and non-protein coding regulatory DNA elements in the human genome

TTS ID Sequence TTS Length Chromosome Start End Strand %G sno/miRNA ID
TTS15011002111984 GGGAGGAAAGAAGGGAGT GG 20 chr11 2111984 2112003 reverse 60 hsa-mir-483
TTS15011002111953 GGGAGGAGAGGAGT GAGGAGG 21 chr11 2111953 2111973 forward 67 hsa-mir-483
TTS15011002111932 AAGGGC AGGAGAGGAGAAGA 20 chr11 2111932 2111951 forward 50 hsa-mir-483
TTS15011002112005 GT GGGGGAGAGGGGGAAGA 19 chr11 2112005 2112023 reverse 68 hsa-mir-483