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Figure 4

From: Annotation and classification of the bovine T cell receptor delta genes

Figure 4

Phylogenetic tree of bovine TRDV genes. The Neighbor-Joining method [47] was used to classify TRDV genes using non-redundant bovine (bo) genomic TRDV sequences identified here and the previously classified ovine (ov), murine (mo) and human (hu) TRDV sequences (described in Methods). Bovine TRAV (GenBank accession number BC148926) was included in the analysis and was used to root the tree. The optimal tree with the sum of branch length = 5.37540770 is shown. Complete deletion to eliminate gaps was performed and the final dataset included a total of 207 positions. Eleven phylogenetic sets are indicated along with the percentage interior branch test value based on 1000 replicates for each set.

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