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Figure 5

From: Annotation and classification of the bovine T cell receptor delta genes

Figure 5

Comparison of TRDV gene recombination signal sequences. Sequence logos for recombination signal (RS) sequences are shown for (A) bovine and ovine TRDV1 genes (52 and 12 sequences, respectively). (B) bovine TRDV4 and its ovine, human and murine orthologs (TRDV4, TRDV3 and TRDV5, respectively; four sequences) and (C) remaining human, murine and bovine TRDV genes (human TRDV1, TRDV2; murine TRDV1, TRDV2-1, TRDV2-2, TRDV4; bovine TRDV2-1, TRDV2-2, TRDV3-1; nine sequences). Heptamer and nonamer sequences and spacer lengths are indicated. Logos were generated using WebLogo3 [45].

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