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Figure 7

From: Annotation and classification of the bovine T cell receptor delta genes

Figure 7

TRD rearranged CDR3 sequences and TRDD gene usage. TRD rearranged CDR3 nucleotide sequences, and their corresponding deduced amino acid sequences, derived from cDNA from peripheral blood mononuclear cells, were aligned to demonstrate TRDD usage. Germline TRDD sequences are shown above representative TRDV1, TRDV2, TRDV3 and TRDV4 sequences containing between one and five TRDD genes. TRDD genes are shaded and gene usage was determined by the presence of at least six nucleotides of a particular TRDD gene. Sufficient cDNA sequence was analyzed to determine TRDV gene usage; however, the sequences shown here have been truncated after the 2nd-CYS 104 and at the beginning of the TRDJ gene.

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