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Figure 2

From: Erratum to: High throughput approaches reveal splicing of primary microRNA transcripts and tissue specific expression of mature microRNAs in Vitis vinifera

Figure 2

Differential expression of mature miRNAs by tissue. miRNAs showing significant changes in expression by tissue are reported. Panels A-C: miRNAs differentially expressed in one stage of berry ripening A: at veraison, B: in green berries, C: in mature berries. Panel D: miRNAs more highly expressed in roots, Panel E: miRNAs more highly expressed in inflorescences, Panel F: miRNAs less expressed in roots, Panel G: miRNAs less expressed in leaves, Panel H: miRNAs showing significant differences in all tissues tested. Error bars indicate confidence intervals. For all panels, the Y axis shows Log2 of the normalized median of spot intensities.

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