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Table 2 Splice site strength in alternative and constitutive splicing.

From: Genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Event 5' site 3' site
  motif score p -value motif score p -value
Intron Retention 7.790 7.492 (6.258e-44) 7.165 6.925 (8.734e-11)
Exon Skipping 6.701 6.156 (1.465e-09) 7.735 6.921 (4.402e-12)
Alt 5' 7.304 6.373 (7.175e-20) 7.448 7.097 (0.0517)
Alt 3' 8.594 8.434 (0.00176) 5.460 3.478 (1.686e-80)
Constitutive 8.822 N/A 7.574 N/A
  1. Average splice site scores and p-values for alternative splicing events and constitutive splicing are shown here. All scores are computed with respect to the splice site motif of the constitutive splice form, following the protocol used in [29]. In all cases, the scores for the alternatively spliced form are lower than for constitutive splicing. The p-values are based on a comparison of the scores for each type of alternative splicing event with the scores for constitutive splicing, and are computed using the Wilcoxon signed-ranks test. Except for the case of exon skipping, the 5' and 3' sites refer to the splice sites of an excised intron. In exon skipping the 5' and 3' sites are the splice sites flanking the skipped exon.