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Table 4 The effect of splicing on predicted proteins.

From: Genome-wide analysis of alternative splicing in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

  AS in Coding Sequence   
   ORF Shortened By   
Event # events bp % AS in UTR # events Total
IR 30 276.52 54.52% 1 31
ES 4 270.00 59.74% 0 4
Alt5' 6 353.62 60.67% 4 11
Alt3' 22 476.32 51.37% 9 31
Total/Avg. 62 359.52 54.84% 14 77
  1. We considered a subset of the clusters with a full-length cDNA, a single alternative splicing event, and a published start codon in the JGI version 4.0 genome annotation. For these clusters we show the number of events in a UTR and the number of events in the coding sequence, where UTRs were detected by the location of where AS occurred with respect to the published start codon and the first stop codon in the reading frame. For events in the coding sequence, we show the average reduction in the length of the predicted ORF that results when comparing the prevalent splice form with the non-prevalent splice form. In all cases but one, the non-prevalent splice form is shorter as a result of a premature termination codon. For IR, the prevalent form is always the one where the intron is spliced, and the non-prevalent form retains the intron. For ES, the prevalent form always contained the exon while the non-prevalent form skipped it.