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Table 3 Signature miRNAs and their predicted targets in the opposite prognostic group.

From: Pediatric primary central nervous system germ cell tumors of different prognosis groups show characteristic miRNome traits and chromosome copy number variations

miRNA Mapping Intragenic Predicted Targets p value
142-5p 17q22   ADAMTS5, BCHE, DCHS1, FIGN, FLJ10357, FLRT2, FZD7, HDAC4, MEIS2, NRP1, PDGFRA, PTPRD, RUNX1T1, SGCD, SVIL 2.09E-10
146a 5q33.3   C5orf23, PTGFRN, RPESP, RUNX1T1, SRR, THRB 5.89E-07
let-7e 19q13.43   (NA) (NA)
26a 3p22.2 CTDSPL ATP11C, C7orf42, CREBL2, DNAJA2, FRAT2, NFE2L3, NUP50, TFAP2C, WAPAL, ZNF655 4.23E-07
133b 6p12.2   (NA) (NA)
181c 19p13.12   C17orf63, EPB41, NMT1 1.18E-03
154 14q32.2   (NA) (NA)
218 4p15.31 *SLIT2 NUP50, SFMBT1, WDR66, WNT2B, ZDHHC23, ZNF313 1.82E-02
335 7q32.2   N4BP1, PHTF2, SLC45A3, WAPAL 3.34E-04
376a 14q32.31   BNC1, MAN1C1 1.45E-02
410 14q32.31   AGPAT7, DLG3, NMT1, OSBPL3, RGS16, ROD1, ZNRF2 2.27E-04
433 14q32.2 RTL1 PCCB, WAPAL 4.50E-02
503 Xq26.3   CREBL2, DNAJA2, KIAA1333, MBP, N4BP1, NUP50, PAFAH1B1, RNF138, WNT2B 1.41E-07
539 14q32.2   CCDC88A, FRAT2, LBA1, MYCL1, PSME3, SNAP29, WAPAL, XPO6 4.75E-05
543 14q32.31   ARFGEF2, ATP11C, CSNK1D, CTF8, OSBPL3, PAFAH1B1, PPTC7, RNF138, SDF2L1 2.38E-05
  1. NA: No miRNA target could be found in the opposite group.
  2. Underlined: Genes targeted by 2 microRNAs.
  3. In bold and underlined: Genes targeted by more then 2 microRNAs.