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Table 4 Deleted chromosomal regions in NGMGCTs and the genes within those regions.

From: Pediatric primary central nervous system germ cell tumors of different prognosis groups show characteristic miRNome traits and chromosome copy number variations

  Cytoband Start Nucleotide# End Nucleotide# Protein-coding genes microRNAs
S1 4q13.3-4q28.3 75084501 131387610 ABCG2, ADAD1, ADH1A, ADH1B, ADH1C, ADH4, ADH5ADH6, ADH7, AFF1, AGPAT9, AGXT2L1, AIMP1, ALPK1, ANK2, ANKRD50, ANKRD56, ANTXR2, ANXA3, ANXA5, AP1AR, ARD1B, AREG, ARHGAP24, ARSJ, ART3, ATOH1, BANK1, BBS7, BBS12, BDH2, BMP2K, BMP3, BMPR1B, BTC, C4orf3, C4orf11, C4orf12, C4ord17, C4orf21, C4ord22, C4orf26, C4orf29, C4orf31, C4ord32, C4orf33, C4orf36, C4orf37, CAMK2D, CAPSP6, CCDC109B, CCDC158, CCNA2, CCNG2, CCN1, CDKL2, CDS1, CENPE, CEP170L, CFI, CISD2, CNOT6L, COL25A1, COPS4, COQ2, CXCL2, CXCL3, CXCL9, CXCL10, CXCL11, CXCL13, CXXC4, CTP2U1, DAPP1, DDIT4L, DKK2, DMP1, DNAJB14, DSPP, EEF1AL7, EGF, EIF4E, ELOVL6, EMCN, ENOPH1, ENPEP, EPGN, EREG, EXOSC9, FABP2, FAM13A, FAM13AOS, FAM47E, FAM175A, FAM190A, FAT4, FGF2, FGF5, FLJ20184, FRAS1, G3BP2, GAR1, GDEP, GK2, GPRIN3, GRID2, GSTCD, H2AAFZ, HADH, HELQ, HERC3, HERC5, HERC6, HNRPDL, HPGDS, HPSE, HSD17B11, HSD17B13, HSPA4L, IBSP, IL2, IL21, INTS12, INTU, KIAA1109, KLHL8, LARP1B, LARP7, LEF1, LIN54, LOC100192379, LOC256880, LOC285419, LOC285456, LOC641518, LOC729338, LRIT3, MAD2L1, MANBA, MAPK10, MAPKSP1, MEPE, METAP1, METTL14, MFSD8, MMRN1, MRPL1, MRPS18C, MTHFD2L, MTTP, MYOZ2, NAAA, NAP1L5, NDST3, NDST4, NEUROG2, NFKB1, NHEDC1, NHEDC2, NKX6-1, NPNT, NUDT6, NUDT9, NUP54, OSTC, PAPSS1, PAQP3, PARM1, PCNAP1, PDE5A, PDHA2, PDLIM5, PGRMC2, PHF17, PIGY, PITX2, PKD2, PLA2G12A, PLAC8, PLK4, PPA2, PPBPL2, PPEF2, PPM1K, PPP3CA, PRDM5, PRDM8, PRKG2, PRSS12, PTPN13, QRFPR, RAP1GDS1, RASGEF1B, RCHY1, RG9MTD2, RPL34, RRH, SCARB2, SCD5, SCLT1, SDAD1, SEC24B, SEC24D, SEC31A, SEP11, SGMS2, SHROOM3, SLC10A6, SLC25A31, SLC39A8, SMARCAD1, SNCA, SNHG8, SNORA24, SPARCL1, SPATA5, SPP1, SPRY1, *SYNPO2, TACR3, TBCK, TET2, THAP6, THAP9, TIFA, TIGD2, TMEM150C, TMEM155, TMSL3, TNIP3, TRAM1L1, TRPC3, TSPAN5, UBE2D3, YGT8, UNC5C, USO1, USP53, WDFY3 hsa-miR-302A, has-miR-302B, has-miR-302C, has-miR-302D, has-miR-367, has-miR-575, has-miR-577
S2 9p11.2-9q13 44703105 70128535 ANKRE20A2, ANKRD20A3, ANKRD20A4, AQP7P1, AQP7P2, CBWD3, CBWD5, CBWD6, CCDC29, FAM27A, FAM27B, FAM27C, FAM74A4, FAM75A5, FAM75A7, FXOD4L2, FOXD4L3, FOXD4L4, FOXD4L5, FOXD4L6, KGFLP1, LOC100133920, LOC440839, LOC440896, LOC442421, MGC21881, PGM5P2 (No know ones)
  1. Underlined and in bold: Genes which are relatively more dominant in germinomas.
  2. Asterisk: Discussed in the text.