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Table 2 Results of statistical tree comparisons showing p-values from the six statistical tests performed (see Methods).

From: Snake mitochondrial genomes: phylogenetic relationships and implications of extended taxon sampling for interpretations of mitogenomic evolution

Tests nucleotides amino acids
ELW 0.315 0.027
BP 0.312 0.026
KH 0.311 0.031
SH 0.311 0.031
WSH 0.311 0.031
AU 0.313 0.026
  1. For both nucleotide and amino acid data, the tree in Fig. 2 was the preferred tree. The p-values shown here reflect the likelihood of topology of the tree in Fig. 3 compared to topology 2. Whereas topology 3 is not rejected with nucleotide data, it is rejected at the 5% level with amino acid data.