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Table 1 Selected genes considered as meaningful1, which show enhanced expression levels (≥ 1.5-fold change) during exponential phase.

From: Depletion of the non-coding regulatory 6S RNA in E. coli causes a surprising reduction in the expression of the translation machinery

Synonym Gene2 Average mRNA level
b2883 guaD 18.41 guanine deaminase
b2883 guaD 11.76 guanine deaminase
b3118 tdcA 4.23 transcriptional activator of tdc operon for biodegradation of threonine
b1597 asr 2.53 acid shock protein precursor
b0812 dps 2.34 DNA protection during starvation conditions
b4116 adiY 2.26 transcriptional activator
b1623 add 2.09 adenosine deaminase
b1480 sra 1.97 30S ribosome associated protein (S22)
b1480 sra 1.94 30S ribosome associated protein (S22)
b4457 csrC 1.93 regulatory RNA
b1739 osmE 1.90 transcriptional activator
b2597 yfiA 1.85 cold shock protein associated with 30S ribosomal subunit
b2847 yqeI 1.78 predicted transcriptional regulator
b3361 fic 1.71 stationary-phase protein, cell division
b2707 srlR 1.69 transcriptional repressor
b3555 yiaG 1.67 predicted transcriptional regulator
b3556 cspA 1.66 major cold shock protein
b3674 yidF 1.60 predicted transcriptional regulator
b0162 cdaR 1.60 transcriptional activator
b3773 ilvY 1.59 transcriptional dual regulator
b0607 uspG 1.58 universal stress protein UP12
b1376 uspF 1.57 stress-induced, ATP-binding protein
b0460 hha 1.56 modulator of gene expression, with H-NS
b4401 arcA 1.55 response regulator in two-component regulatory system with ArcB or CpxA
b4045 yjbJ 1.53 predicted stress response protein
b2869 ygeV 1.53 predicted transcriptional regulator
b3410 yhgG 1.50 transcriptional regulator
  1. 1Meaningful genes were selected by the following criteria: known or predicted function related to the ssrS transcription unit, serving common or related functions, regulatory- and stress-related functions.
  2. 2 Note that some genes are represented redundantly by different oligonucleotides.