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Table 2 Selected genes considered as meaningful1, which show reduced expression levels (≥ 1.5-fold change) during exponential phase.

From: Depletion of the non-coding regulatory 6S RNA in E. coli causes a surprising reduction in the expression of the translation machinery

Synonym Gene Average mRNA level
b0995 torR 0.66 response regulator in two-component regulatory system
b2808 gcvA 0.64 transcriptional dual regulator
b2980 glcC 0.63 DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator, glycolate-binding
b1439 ydcR 0.63 fused predicted DNA-binding transcriptional regulator
b3319 rplD 0.63 50S ribosomal protein L4
b1526 yneJ 0.62 predicted transcriptional regulator
b3604 lldR 0.62 transcriptional repressor
b1320 ycjW 0.61 predicted transcriptional regulator
b1328 ycjZ 0.60 predicted transcriptional regulator
b3604 lldR 0.57 transcriptional repressor
b1014 putA 0.54 fused DNA-binding transcriptional repressor
b1334 fnr 0.53 global transcriptional dual regulator, anaerobic growth
b1649 ydhM 0.52 predicted transcriptional regulator
b2531 iscR 0.50 transcriptional dual regulator
b1916 sdiA 0.40 transcriptional dual regulator
b1422 ydcI 0.31 predicted transcriptional regulator
b2537 hcaR 0.29 transcriptional activator of 3-phenylpropionic acid catabolism
  1. 1Meaningful genes were selected by the following criteria: known or predicted function related to the ssrS transcription unit, serving common or related functions, regulatory- and stress-related functions.