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Table 2 Frequency of appearance in the conserved regions analyzed in D. melanogaster and D. virilis of the six possible codon classes that can be obtained from the repetitive [G(CG)N]4 signature

From: A sequence motif enriched in regions bound by the Drosophila dosage compensation complex

Codon class Frequency Amino acids encoded
[(CG)NG]n 495 Val, Ala, Glu, Gly, Leu, Pro, Gln, Arg
[CN(CG)]n 123 Leu x 2, Pro x 2, Arg x 2, His, Gln
[N(CG)C]n 62 Ser x 2, Cys, Pro, Arg, Thr, Ala, Gly
[NG(CG)]n 39 Arg x 3, Gly x 2, Cys, Trp, Ser
[G(CG)N]n 36 Ala x 4, Gly x 4
[(CG)CN]n 26 Pro x 4, Ala x 4
  1. For each codon class, the [XXX]n nomenclature refers to the n consecutive codons of the same class produced by the DNA repeat. Given the eight-fold degeneracy of that pattern, the set of codons in each codon class may encode for at most 8 amino acids. The amino acids that each codon class encode are also indicated. Numbers after the x sign indicate how many different codons encode for a same amino acid, when they are more than one.